Our Story

The legendary Alki Surf Shop began in 1952 when Don and Ben Bonair organized driftwood races on Alki Beach.
This is not true.
In 1963, Betty Plumber lost her bikini top while surfing the jetty at Alki. She received a standing ovation.
This is not true.
While walking along Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, an advertising copywriter had an idea. When he retired, he wanted to open a little shop on a beach. There would be no deadlines, no reports to fill out and no office politics.
A few years later, the copywriter was walking along Alki Beach in Seattle when he heard a small storefront was for lease. He called the landlord and struck a deal. When he told his wife she said, "You're crazy, you don't know anything about retail." She was right on both counts.
Seven years later Alki Surf Shop has become a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. With its tiki hut decor and eclectic inventory, it has a little something for everyone. Including tourists from around the world who want to take home an Alki souvenir. As well as locals from around the block who come in for their favorite Genuine Alki gear.
We hope you'll stop by and look around. Because the spirit of surfing lives here. And life is better on a beach.
This is true.